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First of all, thank you for checking out my small perspective of this amazing planet we live on.

Second, there is a story to go with each and every one of these photo's.  As those who have had prints made of my work know, upon request, I will happily provide you with a narrative of every photo here.  

For instance, the "Highgate" section of my Portfolio are photos that I took at Highgate Cemetery in London, UK.  Having done a lot of touristy things on previous trips to London, I decided to deviate from "the norm" and visit Highgate.  It is one of what are referred to as the “Magnificent Seven” cemeteries created in 1832 in response to the health concerns of overcrowded church yard cemeteries. It is the burial place of such varied historical figures such as Karl Marx, Douglas Adams and George Michael.  It was a highly sought after burial place through the mid 1800’s, but by the end of WWII the cemetery had been  unattended and had fallen into serious disrepair, covered with overgrown vines, giving it the iconic "haunted look. (In the 1960's a number of the Hammer Horror films were shot there).  In the 1970's it became the backdrop for a truly bizarre scene involving dueling magician's and hordes of stake carrying vampire hunters leaving unearthed bodies in their wake (Apparently one cemetery neighbor even discovered at headless body propped up behind the steering wheel of their car one morning. YIKES!!). 

Despite the bizarre provenance, it was a strangely peaceful, yet creepy place, even on a beautiful summer day.


Scotty A.

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